Log To Be Beautified:
Names To Be Colour Coded In BRIGHT RED (i.e. FILTHY CRIMINALS) (new line per name):
(don't include the <> characters around the name, but DO include any % or @ symbols used as name prefixes by your client in logs to tag ops, hops, etc)

Select Source Client:
Chatzilla (best client)
Kaktus' Fancy Pants Personal Beautilog Setting
IceChat (oldish client) TODO
mIRC (timestamps)
mIRC (no timestamps) TODO
IRCCloud ("modern" client) TODO
Mibbit Setting 1 (no timestamps and names surrounded by <>)
Mibbit Setting 2 (timestamps and no <> around names)
Log has Timestamps TODO

Colour-Code All Users
Remove System Messages (Joins, Leaves, Channel Sets, Name Changes) (Also removes /me commands in mIRC setting)